Carolina Christmas Part II

My Scraptastic Tuesday is full of scrappy happiness.  I started here cutting out the parts to both my quilt and my sister’s quilt. Since then she’s making progress slowly and steadily.  I have only tried to stay one step ahead of her so that she would have samples to look at when she starts a new step.


I thought I was completely finished with my fox units…..until I took this picture and realized that six of those little rascals hadn’t been sewn quite right.  So they were diligently taken apart and are back in the line up next to the sewing machine.

2016-01-26 12.49.41.jpg

I had started my Geese units last night and worked on those up until lunch. They are coming along nicely. So far none of them are turned around backwards, so I’m hoping that my pinning last night as I watched Daredevil on Netflix went well.

2016-01-26 12.49.56.jpg

Hoping that by bedtime tonight, I have all of these guys done, then it will be time to put my Carolina Christmas pieces away until Sister can catch up with me again.

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